All Gator Skins Panels are 1/4″ thickness and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Standard All-Weather

From humid swamps to the frozen tundra, our All-Weather panels are guaranteed against the most extreme forces mother nature can dish out -- performance and ride-ability with zero compromise on durability.

Available colors: GREEN, BROWN and BLACK

4’x8’ - All Weather $145.00 plus shipping and handling.
Super Tough

Indoor Formulation

The exact same performance factors as our Standard All-Weather but rated for indoor use only.

Available colors: CLAY

4”x8” Indoor Formula $99.00 plus shipping and handling
Super Durable

Custom Sizes

Available by special order and in our Standard All-Weather only. For pricing information, drop us a line here.

4' x 10' - 4' x 12' - 5' x8' - 5' x 10' - 5' x 12'

Note: All other sheets sizes please request a quote and our Sales Team will customize a quote for you.
Your Choice

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