All Gator Skins Panels are 1/4″ thickness and are backed by a 5-year warranty 

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Standard All-Weather

From the swamp to the tundra and everything in between. We challenged mother nature to a fight with these panels …and kicked her whiny ass.

– – – – 4’X8′ Sheet / $129 per ($139 for Black)

Available colors:


Indoor Formulation

The exact same performance factors as our Standard All-Weather but rated for indoor use only.

– – – – 4’X8′ Sheet / $99 per

Available colors:


Custom Sizes

Available by special order and in our Standard All-Weather only. For pricing information, drop us a line here.

  • 4’X10’
  • 4’X12’
  • 5’X8’
  • 5’X10’
  • 5’X12’

Gator Skins Ramps