Russell Smith

Gator Skins Technical Adviser

Russ – a lifelong skater (45 years), teacher, and amateur ramp builder was actually the one who came up with the concept for Gator Skins.

Russ has built with and skated on just about every surface imaginable. Today he uses the knowledge and experience he has compiled over his lifetime to help Gator Skins customers any way he can. He has helped numerous people with all aspects of their project, from planning, to moisture prevention, to fabrication techniques, to maintenance. He simply loves talking about all things skateboarding.

His passion is instructing skaters of all ages, helping them to improve their skills and safely enjoy skateboarding. His dream is to open a world class indoor skate park here in the Pacific Northwest that would encompass all skating styles.

Garrett Caffacus

In 1985, at age 14, I got my first legit skateboard – a Sims Screamer with Tracker Six Tracks and Sims Street Wheels. My neighbor had a quarterpipe set up on the sidewalk and there was the daily gathering of a dozen or more kids learning to kickturn, drop in and eventually, axle stall.

I’ll never forget the feeling of getting a new trick with the crew, always pushing each other to the next level with a friendly competitive vibe – the magic of the “session”. It was that place where driven by fast music and a group of homies all feeling the same vibe, you would step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself far beyond your current boundaries.

Here, in this place, you take a slam, get up and charge it again – until you get the make. This is pure adrenaline and it occurs at the highest levels on backyard ramps everywhere, every day. Structures built, maintained and sessioned by skateboarders, for skateboarders. This is my credo and helping to grow the backyard ramp culture is my mission.

Chris Conway

Skateboarding since 1976 Chris’ career in Sports and Event Management has developed from being a Tennis Professional ( while always skating of course). With a background in corporate sports event management, sponsorship relations and athlete management Chris decided to dedicate his experience towards Action Sports and Chris Conway Consulting was born.

Dedicated to Helping others Chris is a Board Member at Grind for Life Cancer Charity, Event Director for Clash at Clairemont now going into its 13th year and Developing Partner of My Grey Matterz Helmet Safety Advocacy Non Profit.

Other skate related projects are Partner and Event Director for Skatercross Skateboard Racing, Marketing Manager at Gator Skins Ramp Surface, owner of Who Skateboards since 1989, Skate Escapes Fantasy Skateboard Tours and various consulting projects and events.

When not working you can usually find Chris in his backyard bowl or one of the many area Southern California skateparks enjoying his passion for skateboarding.